Bain's global partnership with Endeavor

endeavorEndeavor is a global nonprofit which seeks to catalyze long-term economic growth by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. Endeavor currently operates in 19 countries, and their global footprint is growing each year. Through mentorship, strategic advice and access to capital, Endeavor helps entrepreneurs move their companies from start-ups to scale-ups, in the process creating new jobs, revenues and role models. Their goal is very ambitious—to add one percent to GDP in the countries in which they operate. Endeavor entrepreneurs also give back to the organization and "pay it forward" by inspiring, mentoring and investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Since 2011, Bain has partnered with Endeavor to develop and implement its global growth strategy. Bain helped Endeavor develop a repeatable model with standardized and improved entrepreneur services, clear entrepreneur selection criteria and consistent metrics to track entrepreneur impact and affiliate effectiveness. Over the last three years, Endeavor has doubled its country expansion rate, and demonstrated clear improvement in high impact metrics—including a 3X increase in average annual revenue growth in Endeavor-supported companies and improvement in entrepreneur advocacy (as measured by Net Promoter System℠).

Our partnership also extends beyond pro bono casework in very notable ways, including externship programs, participation in entrepreneur selection panels, active entrepreneur mentorships and collaboration on joint IP. This multi-faceted partnership continues to put the complementary skills of our organizations to work to transform local economies and promote sustained economic growth worldwide.

"Endeavor's partnership with Bain took off at just the right moment. We were embarking on our '3.0' organizational strategy, and thanks to the compelling analysis, entrepreneurial zeal and tireless commitment of our Bain team, we've emerged with a world-class plan. We look forward to continuing our high-impact work with Bain!"    - Linda Rottenberg, CEO, Endeavor