Partner for impact

We have made a multiyear, firm-wide commitment to two critical areas: education reform and economic development. We are partnering closely with change-oriented leaders in each space to achieve breakthrough results. Together, we’re developing innovative ways to change the educational landscape to improve student achievement and accelerating entrepreneurship to dramatically impact global poverty. We are also committed to helping our corporate clients find new ways to embed sustainability into their business strategies and practices—actions that are increasingly important to employees, customers and the broader community.

Bain helped expand the learning day for children in low income communities through our pro bono work with Citizen Schools.

What we do

We care about our clients' businesses as much as our own, and we know that they are concerned for the future. Bain combines the best of our private-sector expertise with a deep understanding of the social and public sectors to effect lasting change. Our clients work with us to develop new ways to address issues from education to economic development to sustainability. Many of these partnerships are multi-year, multifaceted relationships that deliver substantial and enduring improvements.

  • Education: Our commitment to helping transform education and dramatically improve student achievement is at the forefront of Bain's social sector involvement.
  • Economic development: Bain partners with cutting-edge, global organizations that foster entrepreneurship in emerging markets to help scale local businesses, create jobs and ultimately combat global poverty.
  • Public sector and government: We work with bold, ambitious leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo and are eager for change to realize their economic and social goals.
  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility: We help our clients integrate sustainability into the heart of their strategy and operations to create long-term competitive advantage.
  • Local community development: Our local-office driven pro bono case work helps local nonprofit organizations boost their impact by defining their mission and strategy, improving their operations and organizational effectiveness, and building a sustainable funding base from which to grow.
Our approach

Whatever the case, the approach is the same: Bain combines the best of our private-sector expertise with a deep understanding of the social sector to create a customized offering for our clients. Whether it’s to help private-sector clients reduce their carbon footprints or to aid the Indian government in setting up a nursing school to combat HIV/AIDS, the Bain toolkit delivers.

We help clients with business plan development and fundraising, with growth strategy and performance improvement and reorganization. We serve as incubators and brainstorming partners for fledgling organizations eager to make a difference, like Fundação Amazonas Sustentável, which is working to prevent deforestation in Brazil. We help our clients develop strong fundraising platforms and maintain donor loyalty, as we did for One Foundation in China and City Year in Boston. We help clients like World Childhood Foundation in Sweden focus on their core and promote sustainable growth. And when our clients encounter roadblocks, we help them improve their decision effectiveness, refine their operating models and revitalize morale as we did for the University of California at Berkeley. The pages in this section will detail these examples and more.

If the issue is in the headlines, chances are that a Bain team somewhere is working on the problem. But we also find plenty of social- and public-sector clients who are laboring out of the spotlight to change things on the ground. It doesn’t matter; the point for us isn't publicity, it's to help every client maximize its impact and deliver lasting results.

To learn more about Bain's social impact services or to discuss how we can help your organization, contact us.

Measured results

We measure our success in the social sector by the results our social-sector clients achieve. In 2010 we launched the Social Impact Results Challenge, the mirror image of our long-standing Results Challenge that honors outstanding impact for our for-profit clients.

In the Social Impact Results Challenge's third year, entries poured in from across our regions, from Goodstart Early Learning in Australia and SOMOS in Spain to the San Francisco Aids Foundation in the US. Many of the applications were from enduring partnerships, demonstrating year-on-year impact and results. Challenge winners were chosen by our global leadership team and received donations to their partner organizations.

Learn about the regional challenge winners and finalists.